A Specialized Gun Trust Package that is Easy to Complete and Designed for your Protection


The Secure Gun Trust was drafted from the ground up by a NFA gun trust lawyer and is designed to be the best do-it-yourself, specialized NFA gun trust available online.  The Secure Gun Trust is do-it-yourself for your own benefit: -you receive your gun trust documents immediately via email upon payment, -you receive the documents in Microsoft Word so that you can edit and modify the NFA gun trust (add or change Trustees) as you wish WITHOUT having to purchase a new gun trust everytime you want to make a change to your beneficiaries or trustees.  Other online gun trusts might have a charge if you want changes.  The Secure Gun Trust is designed to be a self-help online gun trust.  If you have questions or want changes, then you can always take the Secure Gun Trust to your local attorney for review and modification.  The Secure Gun Trust is not a substitute for an attorney and this website does not offer legal advice - this website is designed to empower you to be able to do this yourself.  


Upon purchase you will receive a 15 page trust document, Schedule A, Schedule B, an Informational Pamphlet, a sample completed gun trust, a sample completed Schedule A, and a sample completed Schedule B.  You will receive in Microsoft Word a NFA gun trust with blanks that must be filled in by you (where you name the trust, and fill in the Grantor, Trustee, and Beneficiary information).  You will also receive a Schedule A and Schedule B.  Schedule A is where you list whatever property you are putting into the trust and Schedule B lists what beneficiaries get what property.  You will receive an informational pamphlet that will tell you everything you need to know to get on your way to complete your gun trust, set it up, and register with the ATF.  You will receive a sample completed NFA gun trust and sample completed Schedule A and Schedule B so that you have examples of what the gun trust should look like when it is completed.  In order to show you a sample of what you are prospectively purchasing, a selection of the NFA gun trust is provided here for you to see how easy it is to fill out and how the trust is specifically crafted towards owning NFA firearms, and how it protects you (the grantor) in your ownership of the firearms.


Here is the first page of the Gun Trust you will receive

As you can see from the image above, you simply need to name your trust, date the trust, and name the Trustee/s.  You will simply have to go through your gun trust and find the blank spaces and fill them out appropriately.  Our customers like receiving the gun trust documents in Microsoft Word because they are able to modify and amend the trust as needed; which is especially useful when you want to change the Trustees or Beneficiaries.  The Secure Gun Trust is easy to fill out and even comes with a sample gun trust that is already filled out so that you can compare and see what a proper completed gun trust should look like.


Here is page 4 of the Secure Gun Trust, you can see from this page how the Secure Gun Trust caters specifically to be in compliance with Federal and State gun laws, and how it protects your NFA weapons from potentially unlawful possession




First, you will notice that the Trustee must administer the trust property in accordance with Federal, State, and Local law.  This means that the possession of the NFA items and use thereof must be in accordance with the law.  Furthermore, the Secure Gun Trust provides protective measure by prohibiting any Trustee who is or becomes ineligible to own NFA weapons from being a Trustee.  The Secure Gun Trust provides that any trustee who becomes ineligible to be in possession of a NFA item (by violating a provision of 18 U.S.C. § 922, or a provision of local or State law) must resign from being a Trustee.  This protects the NFA weapons from possible forfeiture by providing that only people who are eligible to be in possession of the NFA items can be in possession of them.  In this instance, if a trustee committed a felony that required their removal, the gun trust would still own the NFA items and they would still be able to be passed along to the beneficiaries.  If that happened, a new trustee could be appointed.  Additionally, since you have the trust documents in Microsoft Word, you could simply amend the gun trust as needed if this situation were ever to arise.  


Here is an image of Schedule A:

Schedule A is part of the gun trust and is the section where you fill in the blanks and input information on whatever property you are transferring into the gun trust.


Here is a sample completed Schedule A

You will receive sample completed versions upon your purchase of the gun trust so that you an idea of what it should look like.  Each numbered item is for whatever property or money you decide to put in the gun trust.  You will either be transferring property, or money to buy property into the gun trust.


Here is an image of Schedule B:

This is the section where you provide who the beneficiaries are.  If there are multiple beneficiaries and multiple items of property in the gun trust, then you can provide for each beneficiary to receive specific pieces of trust property.


Here is an example of a completed Schedule B:


This will be provided to you as an example of what a completed Schedule B could look like. 




Disclaimer:  The forms and information contained on this website are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.  The gun trust form you are about to purchase is created at your direction and completed by you.  Your purchase does not come with legal support or advice, nor does it create an attorney client relationship.  The information provided on this website, and the informational pamphlet you will receive upon your purchase is generally available but is provided here for your convenience in making your own gun trust.  Nothing on this website or in the documents that you purchase is a substitute for the advice of an attorney and does not create and attorney-client privilege or relationship.