secure gun trust

Why Buy a Gun Trust?


If you're going to purchase a NFA weapon then the best way to do it is to purchase a Secure Gun Trust, then purchase the NFA weapon with the gun trust.  This offers you a multitude of advantages over purchasing a NFA weapon any other way.


The Secure Gun Trust is Attorney Drafted Specifically to Hold NFA Weapons 

Secure Gun provides you with a NFA gun trust drafted by an attorney that was specifically designed to hold NFA weapons and pass them to your beneficiaries.  If you do not want your NFA weapons going through the court process known as probate when you die, then you can pass them through the complete privacy and seamlessness that a Secure Gun Trust provides.  Furthermore, because the Secure Gun Trust was designed specifically to hold NFA weapons, it was designed so that the weapons are held in trust until the beneficiaries are eligible to receive them.  Generic living trusts would have your NFA weapons pass to the beneficiaries upon your death, regardless of whether or not it would put the beneficiaries at risk of being in unlawful possession of a Title II gun.  This trust was designed with that specifically in mind.


A Trust is a Completely Private Document 

A gun trust has advantages over forming a corporation or LLC to purchase the NFA weapons.  A corporation or LLC is similar to a gun trust in the registration process with the ATF.  However, a corporation or LLC must be registered with the State, the registration documents are public, and they have reporting requirements.  A corporation or LLC also have additional state registration fees and requirements.  A NFA gun trust is a completely private document that never has to report to anyone and the only additional fee for a NFA gun trust is the fee you pay to receive your NFA Gun trust from Secure Gun


Protection for Your Beneficiaries and Others Who You Wish to Use the NFA Weapons

A NFA gun trust allows you to list close friends, family, or anyone that you trust enough to be a Trustee.  A Trustee will be legally entitled to use and possess NFA firearms.  If you registered a NFA firearm as an individual, you are basically the only person that can touch the NFA firearm.  A NFA gun trust offers protection to your loved ones who you choose to list as Trustees.

Disclaimer:  The forms and information contained on this website are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.  The gun trust form you are about to purchase is created at your direction and completed by you.  Your purchase does not come with legal support or advice, nor does it create an attorney client relationship.  The information provided on this website, and the informational pamphlet you will receive upon your purchase is generally available but is provided here for your convenience in making your own gun trust.  Nothing on this website or in the documents that you purchase is a substitute for the advice of an attorney and does not create and attorney-client privilege or relationship.